August 23, 2018

Gym on 5th : The Team


Shareholder at Gym on 5th. FITEC Certified professional trainer. With 17 years in the fitness industry, Jason specialises in explosive weight training, stability and core strength and posture correction for children and adults of all ages.


Shareholder at Gym on 5th. Certified personal trainer. With 15 years in the fitness industry David specialises in functional/compound movements as well as High intensity training. Specialised in youth training, core and movement development.


Shareholder at Gym on 5th. With 16 years in the fitness industry and 25 years in martial arts, Mischa is a certified personal trainer, specialised strength and conditioning coach, National coach for the ITF Taekwon-Do Team (ITFSA). Specialising in resistance and strength training, high intensity Taekwon-Do and boxing training.


Chantelle has 10 years experience as a Certified personal trainer. Specialising in resistance, high intensity and functional training, she also is a passionate youth trainer specialising in core and movement development.


A recently-turned-professional boxer with 8 years as an amateur. Sipha specialises in boxing training, high intensity training and conditioning.


Doug has had a diversified career in both the corporate and fitness/wellness industries bringing with him over 16 years’ experience. This has enabled him to understand the modern day pressures faced by today’s workforce and the lack of lifestyle balance.

He has assisted and coached people from all walks of life including university students, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, directors and CEO’s. Doug is an avid fitness participant and is really passionate about helping you achieve more greatness and awareness about yourself and those around you.

Andries Lodder

We also have an in-house Biokineticist who can assist from anything from Vitality Fitness assessments, sports assessments and rehabilitation. For more information on Andries Lodder, visit his website here.