an exclusive upmarket training facility for adults and children

what we offer

One-on-One based training and group training sessions for both adults and children

strength and conditioning

The foundation to it all! Weight training provides the body with overall development. Increasing muscle strength, power and endurance as well as bone density. No exercise routine or sports is complete without it.

sport specific conditioning

Enhance and optimise your body for the stresses that your sport may put you through. From increasing range of motion for your golf swing to power and endurance for cycling up a hill, we will advise you on the best methods and modalities to improving your sport. Also the best way to avoid injuries.

stretch and mobility

The benefits of stretching and mobility are vast. Aimed at increasing your bodies natural movement patterns through long dynamic sequences. Increases tone, blood flow and also serves as cardiovascular training.


Full body workout with its focus based around the body’s core. An excellent and effective method in which to strengthen the postural muscles of the spinal column. If you have a spinal or joint condition, Pilates is for you.

body and barre

A new method of training with its roots stemming from ballet. Body and Barre focus on posture, flexibility and movement, all working together to create a workout whereby you will sweat, tone and burn!


If high intensity training is for you, then boxing is a must. Boxing goes far beyond a gut wrenching workout, it involves, skill, techniques, timing, movement and being in that moment. An art form that taxes and ties your body and your mind into one very rewarding and satisfying workout.


If you want to increase the intensity of a boxing workout just add in kicking! Similar to a boxing workout, kickboxing brings in a variety of kicking techniques. Flexibility, balance, coordination, power, endurance. If throwing punch combinations is tough, try a variety of kicking combinations.

high intensity interval training (HiiT)

This workout is aimed at pushing your “maximum” levels. Intervals of high intensity sets combined with intervals of recovery allows you to test you limits. Hiit incorporates body weight, free weights, battle ropes, tyre flips, kettle bells and anything aimed at getting your heart rate to its max. Increases fitness and burns fat!!

Gym on 5th is an exclusive upmarket training facility

Sessions for adults and children

Professional team offering One on One training

If training and exercise is not really your thing, then trust us in assisting you to find it!

Strength and conditioning, sport specific conditioning, program prescription, high intensity interval training (HiiT), body and barre, Pilates, stretch and mobility, boxing, kickboxing and Taekwon-Do. We will assist you in finding your way.

  • Inside the Killarney Country Club on 5th Street

  • Safe, free parking right outside the gym

  • Open, fresh, clean and hygienic environment

The Team

A professional team with proven results

And the kids?

Balance, coordination, proprioception and core. The key elements to mind, body relationship is best developed in a humans formative years. Kids specific training is aimed at developing those motor skills in a fun and enjoyable method that will become ingrained and equip them for the future. Specialised equipment and workouts aimed at developing your child.
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